Game style format makes learning fun!

First, students make these adorable little paper cubes and then use them to play an effective and engaging review game that presents random combinations for students to review.

The metric system has never been this easy to remember!

The design of the game makes it easy to put base units and prefixes together to see all the possible combinations. Then, students add symbols and multipliers for extra points. 

About Science Island

Creating unique resources for my high school science classes was always one of my favorite aspects of teaching! Aloha, I'm Carla and I started Science Island soon after retiring from the classroom so I could support fellow educators and stay in touch with the subject I love! I tend to be pretty serious about my content, but my latest creation, Review Qubes, take rich content and add a little twist to it . . . or should I say "roll?" I hope your secondary science students love these cute little qubes.